Further Education Space and Property Consultancy

D. Turner Property Consultancy offers college managers and architectural design teams strategic property advice in the planning, feasibility and design stages of college accommodation projects.

Starting with the development of a complete property strategy document, we provide detailed future space needs analysis, design guidance based on curriculum requirements and can then produce all the necessary documentation for capital funding applications.

With over 30 years experience in education, including a number of senior management positions, the curriculum delivery needs of colleges are readily understood. This means that less time is required from senior staff with busy schedules, and all projects are carried out efficiently in the shortest possible time.

Clients benefit from our thorough knowledge of curriculum delivery issues, timetabling, college funding mechanisms and an awareness of the pressure on managers to improve the quality of delivery whilst also increasing space utilisation and reducing costs.

Despite the current lack of funding from central government for college capital projects, this is the best time to prepare future plans so that that they can be implemented either without central funding or with it as soon as it becomes available. Starting with the preparation of a new property strategy, we provide complete support for the design of new facilities or refurbishments, undertake investment appraisals and then write the funding applications to relevant organisations.