Educational Advisor

It is often a great advantage to an architectural practice or a project manager to have an advisor that is very familiar with the language of education and can interpret requirements related to the curriculum and teaching and learning methods used in colleges.  It saves a great deal of time and research when the client requirements can be readily interpreted by someone that understands both sides of the conversation.

The project educational advisor is involved at all stages of the development, but after the Feasibility stages, the services available are to:

Stages A, B and C

  • Review the College’s educational case and provide guidance in relation to local, regional and national objectives.
  • Assist in the interpretation of college requirements
  • Review and analyse existing space utilisation data
  • Develop a space model to demonstrate the most efficient options for the delivery of the current and future curriculum within the current space utilisation guidelines
  • Provide an accommodation schedule for both the academic spaces and the ‘other’ spaces.

Stages C+, D and E

  • At all RIBA stages, review the drawings and area allocations to confirm compliance with the original accommodation specification.
  • Provide advice on the educational implications of the design on timetabling, levels of utilisation, flexibility of learning spaces, IT requirements.
  • Undertake a detailed Investment Appraisal for the project, including a financial and qualitative analysis of alternative options.
  • Support the college Finance Director in the preparation of the 10 Year financial forecast including the building project to ensure its affordability.
  • Produce a detailed Decanting Plan for parts of the college that need to be relocated.
  • Consult and meet with key stakeholders, including senior college staff and governing body, academic staff, funding bodies, the local council and the RDA.
  • In cases where spaces are being reduced, meet with the key academic staff to ensure that they understand the implications of the new space norms and how the curriculum could be affected.

Capital Applications

Under the current application system, the services are to:

  • Write the ‘educational case’ for the Funding Application to meet the current requirements.
  • Liaise with the scheme architects, project managers and cost consultants to ensure that their contributions to the Application are of an appropriate quality
  • Complete updated Investment Appraisals based on Stage C+ costs