Space Needs Analysis

Based on the Skills Funding Agency design criteria and current best practice, the space needs analysis process provides a detailed breakdown of all twenty types of accommodation required by a college in the future. It will create the details of the required number of rooms of each type, their size and capacity as well as their target levels of utilisation based on the teaching and learning methods being employed.

Space Audit

It starts with a full space audit derived from the analysis of a room utilisation survey and related curriculum data. This allows the college performance to be compared against sector target efficiency levels. It also identifies potential areas for improvement or areas where overcrowding may be apparent. In the absence of a room utilisation survey, alternative analysis methods can be used derived from current timetable data curriculum analysis.

Future Space Needs

The future space needs of a college are based on the current levels of utilisation, the planned curriculum changes including teaching and learning methodology, anticipated growth in each sector subject area and target levels of efficiency. The particular needs of each college are carefully considered including any special requirements or potential constraints.

Space modelling

When the future space needs have been identified, these are modelled against the current provision to highlight shortages or excess capacity in each of the twenty types of teaching accommodation. Whether a rationalisation of rooms is required or a new building is proposed, the space modelling process identifies the optimum room set needed to deliver the future curriculum. The type, size, capacity and utilisation levels of the new room set can be provided at both college and departmental level.